We believe in the idea that life should be lived as one big adventure.  As both of us have only experienced a small portion of our lives, we are far from calling ourselves "professionals" at anything. Who can honestly admit that they can come anywhere close to mastering life? We are setting our sails on this journey with the hopes of inspiring others to join in on experiencing the draw of adventure and the life changing impacts that it can have.  As The Amateur Adventurers our hope is to go from an idea shared by two good friends, to an inspiring journey that encourages everyone to go out and set your sights high, and achieve your dreams of adventure.

Louis DeAngelis

Louis is a recent graduate from Lyndon State College with a degree in Mountain Recreation Management and a minor in Marketing.  He grew up skiing every weekend and has always enjoyed the outdoors. This led him to attend Lyndon State where he became very involved in the Outing Club and was introduced to Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, and took his ski experience into the back country. When he isn't at Lyndon, Louis works his summers at Camp Birch Hill, starting as a counselor and then climbing his way up the ladder to director. This past winter Louis headed west for an internship at Telluride Ski Resort in Colorado, back country skiing on almost all of his days off. He is looking forward to sharing his story and hearing some of yours this winter as he embarks on this winter's journey as one of The Amateur Adventurers.

Tyler Weller

Born and raised on a fruit farm in Pennsylvania, Tyler found an interest in the outdoors at a young age which has now taken off and spread into a passion. Blended with a fascination for travel which was first instilled by his grandparents, a recipe for adventure was created. Choosing to head north to Vermont to attend college he first set out towards a degree in meteorology, but quickly changed paths towards a recreation degree which has joyfully consumed his life since. Having traveled with his amazing friends and family to each of the four corners of the United States he has embraced the experiences and lessons which he found along the way and is excited for what the rest has in store. 


Last, but certainly not least, we have Hermelda.  She goes by many names including Herm, Hermie as well as Ol' Herm and loves to hit the road on long adventures.  Born in a factory, Hermelda spent most of her life from 2004 until 2014 as a school bus in Plainfield, CT. Her parents at the school district decided Herm ought to retire after 10 years on the job.  Hermie, like many retirees grew sad and wanted to hit the road again. She found Bus & Chassis, a used bus dealership, where Louis and Tyler found her, lonely, in October 2016.  From then on she has been enjoying the benefits of retirement including travel and a full makeover.  She is very excited to see the rest of the country on our journey.  To see more, head to Hermelda's Bus Log.


Without you there would be no one to share with or learn from.

Thank you for taking the time to become part of the adventure.


Passionately committed to protecting the future of African Wildlife, for our generation and most importantly the generations to come

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