Bayous, Beads and Beaches; Louisiana

Glad that we got our mountain fix in the Ozarks, we started to head south where the land just kept getting flatter. Our first stop was Monroe, Louisiana to visit Dylan. As we had planned ahead (not typical for us) we got into Monroe just as Dylan was getting off of work for the next couple days. To take advantage of his time off, we parked the bus at KNOE, the news station where Dylan is a weatherman, and proceeded to head south in his car for New Orleans. Despite the inability to use the word inexpensive for this part of the trip, we were blown away by the fun that we had. From brass bands playing on packed street corners around Frenchmen Street, to flying beads on Bourbon Street, the French Quarter was quite the experience.

Seeing the sights around New Orleans

Some of the unique architecture around the city

More sights on the streets of New Orleans

Having only spent about two days in New Orleans, we headed back to Monroe with a new respect for the city (honestly though if you have not had a chance to visit New Orleans it should be on a list). Once back in Monroe, Dylan had to head to work to do the weekend weather. We got to tag along and experience what live news is like behind the scenes. It was impressive to say the least! The next day we enjoyed some brunch with Chris and Zach (friends of Dylan's) and added to our tour of Louisiana with a quick stop to get drive through daiquiris (Yes, you read that correctly, alcohol in sealed to go cups served conveniently in your vehicle...). Then we went to shoot some video and interviews about our bus, with some help from Chris, for a story on the news station (we will post a link to the video once it airs).

Louis being interviewed by Chris

Practicing our weatherman skills with Dylan!

After sadly saying goodbye to Dylan and all of the awesome people we met in Monroe, we got back in the bus to head south west to the gulf shore. As we approached the shoreline we found ourselves surrounded by beautiful wetlands dotted with all different types of birds. Just when we didn't think the sights could any better we pulled out onto Rutherford Beach. Confirming that we could park the bus and sleep right on the beach via, we reflected on our journey so far from the snow covered roads in Vermont to the sandy gulf shoreline

The bus enjoying the beach.

We will admit that we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the beach and made sure to take advantage of it. We spent the next night and morning searching for some epic sea shells, building late night sand castles and reveling in the sound of the crashing waves. (Rutherford beach is another high recommendation of ours if you're to find yourself in Louisiana) Leaving the beach was not easy, but we eased our pain by continuing the drive along the coast.

Louis enjoying Rutherford Beach

Hermelda catching some rays.

Our drive along the coast included an exciting milestone for Hermelda (our bus), as we took it on a ferry in the town of Cameron for only $1. This cut off a good bit of possible extra driving, and allowed us to continue on to Texas following the coastline. As we move across Texas, we plan to pass by Houston heading towards Austin to do a little climbing and mountain biking and visit some more friends.  


Thanks for reading!

The bus on the ferry

Sand Castle Contest

PS: Due to lot's of requests, stay tuned for a new page on the website detailing our "complete" bus with more details and photos. We are excited for you to see the updates! Also, we love feedback.  Feel free to comment below, or on our Facebook or Instagram.  You can also contact us via email at 

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1 Comment on “Bayous, Beads and Beaches; Louisiana

  1. Okay you young men got to see a beautiful city that is below sea level. You should have gone to the WWII museum- very interesting. So you are in Texas by now. Austin is a great city. You should plan to go to some of the clubs in Austin and learn to do the “two step”. I hope you sampled the food in New Orleans. Have fun, be careful and enjoy.

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