Bus Update: Flooring, Cabinets and more!

We have had a very busy week working on the bus!  Things are really starting to come along and we are getting very close to the start of our trip.  This week a few of our projects included laying down a laminate floor, working on the cabinets and counter-top and building a new seat.  Tons of progress has been made but we still have a long way to go!  

We'll start with the floor. To get to this point we first filled all of the holes in the floor of the bus (which was a ton). Once the holes were all filled we put down a layer of insulation on the floor. With the insulation down it was time for the flooring.  We went with a tongue and groove laminate that looks like an oak floor.  It came out great!

The front of the bus we will have split between a seating area with a table on one side, and our kitchen counter on the other. As you can see in the picture we have decided to save one of our bus seats to use inside the bus.  We needed a way to have some legal seat belts for passengers and figured this would be our best way to do it and take advantage of the rails on the floor. 


You may have noticed the back of the seat looks shorter than a traditional bus seat.  We decided to take an angle grinder to it to shorten it up and make it fit in better with the rest of the space.  We plan to reupholster both the bus seat, as well as the cushion on our other seat in this area.


Our second seat is framed around the outside of our Yeti cooler that is going to act as our refrigerator for the trip. With limited electric, and a limited budget this will work best for us. Between the two seats we are in the process of designing a table that will have the ability to be in an up position to use for meals or other activities, or put in a lower position level with the seats.  The lower position would allow this area to be used as another sleeping area for friends.

We were lucky when it came to the cabinets. A relative was renovating their kitchen and had a few that they gave to us for free.  We stripped off the old fake wood look and decided to give them a fresh coat of paint.  In the middle of the two cabinets we plan to put in a small sink with a gravity fed water system that will come from our storage loft area in the back of the bus.


On the left side of the cabinet with the help of our friend Milan, we were able to build what we are calling Milan's Mudroom.  It has increased our counter space by quite a bit and created a nice spot for shoes and boots to keep the rest of the bus clean.


Looking ahead, we are beginning work on our storage area in the back of the bus, as well as finishing up the beds to create lots of storage within.  We are also sorting out options to potentially mount a propane tank under the bus for heating and cooking.  Thanks for reading!

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