Bus Update: Insulation, Walls & Windows

Hello everyone!

We have a few updates on the progress of The Amateur Adventurers bus!  Over the last few weeks we have managed to accomplish quite a bit.  To start we had to strip the bus of all of its seats, the rubber floors, as well as all of the unnecessary plastic covers and school bus related parts.  This process took us about a week with some help from quite a few friends along the way.

Early on. Some seats removed with full rubber floor still in place.

Tyler and Page working on removing the rubber floor.

Now that everything was removed and the bus was stripped down to just the walls and a plywood floor it was time to see what we were working with.  Being that the majority of our trip will be taking place in the winter insulation is important.  Initially the plan was to remove all of the ceiling and wall paneling and fill the gap between the buses outer shell with insulation.  To our surprise, after peeling back a bit of the paneling on both the walls and ceiling, we found they were already filled with more insulation than we were planning on using.  This was a huge help for us both time and effort wise, as well as financially as we are on a fairly tight budget.


With the walls and ceiling all set windows became the focus.  Bus windows do not hold heat well at all.  After going back and forth with different ideas Tyler had a plan.  Foam board insulation hidden inside the wall that could slide up and cover the windows at night, and then slide back down during the day.  We made a plan and managed to blend them in well with the design of the interior.  After some trial and error they worked!

Tyler using the Jigsaw to cut out the windows. In total we cut out 12 windows. I can tell you it was NOT easy...

Two windows in the open position and three closed.  Working well!
Two windows in the open position and three closed. Working well!

With the insulation, walls and windows taken care of it was time to get to work.  We managed to build two beds for the bus that include plenty of storage space and get some free cabinets from a family member who is remodeling their house.  We should be able to use them for a kitchen area.


As we move forward we are thinking about flooring, storage and seating.  We have some plans and will keep you updated with our progress as we go.  Thanks for reading!

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