Bus Update: Storage, a Table and Finishing Touches

We are now in the home stretch!  With a planned departure date of around December 12th and the bus nearly finished we are starting to work on the last bits and pieces to complete the project.  Over the last week and a half we have managed to get a lot done.  This includes enclosing the storage area underneath each bed, building our storage loft and shelves in the rear of the bus and making a table.  With all of these projects close to completion that leaves us with a lot of finishing work and infrastructure to complete and we will be good to go. 

Above you can see our table in two positions.  The upper position is to be used as a kitchen table, and the lower is made to lay even with the seats on either side.  While in the lower position we can add a small mattress or sleeping pad on top and create room to sleep two more people (as long as they like each other.... a lot). You can transfer from the high table to the low table by removing the lower sections of the legs that are attached by sleeves made out of wood.


Up next on this section is to put the laminate top on the surface of the table and add in the finishing edges.  The same laminate and edging will be used on the kitchen counter area and we'll be working on that in the next few days.

As you can imagine storage is very important living in a bus so we have dedicated a good chunk of space in the rear of the bus specifically for storage. The photo on the left will have more shelves built in soon and will be able to hold our gear from floor to ceiling.  The photo on the right will have no lower shelves added in.  Instead, the lower section is going to be home to our mountain bikes.


One bike will hang from the handle bars on the two red hooks hanging below the high shelf.  The other will also hang on the handle bars from two hooks that will be added in to the left of the two existing hooks.  This leaves the back tires of the bikes on the ground near the front of our other shelving unit.  Above the bikes on the high shelf is also where our water storage will be with water lines running from here to the kitchen behind the wall.

Coming up we are going to be working on adding the laminate to the table and counter and installing our sink and water system.  We should be receiving some upholstery in the mail tomorrow and will be re covering the the old bus seat, the cushion on top of the cooler seat, as well as the drivers seat.  We will also be attaching our propane tank underneath the bus and running lines for our small stove and heater, as well as adding an extra battery to our system connected to an inverter for electricity. 


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Managed to get a quick break from working on the bus before Thanksgiving and check out the Parker Mountain Trails in Littleton, NH! We were lost for a bit but eventually found some fun trails.  Lot's of potential here! Thanks for reading.

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