Here we go! Biking and Climbing in WV

While celebrating Christmas at Tyler's dad's house we tied together the final loose ends of work in the bus. For water we ended up giving in and installing a small DC pump instead of sticking with our original gravity fed system. The pump was surprisingly easy to install and once we switched the pump around after originally installing it in backwards it worked great (we started with a vacuum faucet). We then installed the lid on the propane box and sealed it up with weather seal that is usually used on doors. With the box finished we checked our propane hose connections with soap and water for leaks and happily found them to be sealed up nicely (we also are keeping a spray bottle of soapy water for checking hoses on the road. We also managed to get our bus locked up for the trip which was a big step. Finally we took a roll of Reflectix insulation that we purchased earlier in the conversion and cut pieces for the front and rear windows. To attach these pieces we used stick on Velcro to make installation and removal for driving a simple process.


Miley catching some rays in her Christmas sweater and bow on the bus!

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After saying our final farewells to Tyler's family, we started our journey driving away from the comforts of home. For our fist stop we headed to Davis, West Virginia. Louis had spent two Spring Break trips mountain biking with the Lyndon State Adventure Program there so we decided to swing through. We found a nice spot to park next to the Black Water River and settled in for our first official night in the bus. After quite the stormy night which had us both dreaming of possible flooded roads or getting stuck in the mud of the dirt road that we parked on, we woke up to the welcoming rays of the sun. 


After making some coffee, and Tyler breaking the french press (Louis was not happy), we made a quick stop at Black Water Bikes to get the low down on the trails and pick up some chain lube. They did a great job sharing some local trail information and directed us to Black Water Falls State Park for the day (mainly because of the heavy rain the night before). 


We rode most of the trails in the park which made for a great morning.  A good mix of technical single track with some fun fast sections in between.  In some spots saying it was wet would be an understatement but we made the best of it for sure.  Along the way we found a rock outcropping with an amazing view of a large valley with the Blackwater River running far below us.

Louis seeing the sights just outside of Davis, WV

After our ride in Davis we headed south for Seneca Rocks, WV.  Both of us have been to Seneca with LSAP, but had never been to the top of the amazing fin structure. We found a great place to sleep for the night, walking distance to the climbing and settled in.  As morning arrived the realization of no coffee due to the broken french press set it.  Lucky for us there was a small country store nearby.  Unfortunately their coffee tasted more like hot water with a splash of mud more than anything else, but it did the trick.


We decided on climbing one of the classics to the summit of the South Fin of Seneca called Gunsight to South Peak.  We accessed the climb via Banana and some interesting ledge navigation.  The rock was cold, REAL cold.  Like so cold that your fingers felt like frozen sausages and you couldn't quite tell what you were holding onto. Despite our meat hands, we pushed to Gunsight Notch where the sun welcomed warmer temperatures.

Tyler warming up before making the push up the fin

Louis traversing the ridge

After spending some time up top heading down was the next thing to tackle. That sounds pretty straightforward, and at most places it is, but at Seneca it was not (unless we were clearly missing something).  After some down climbing and 3 rappels we reached the ground safe and sound.


From here we drove over Route 33 towards Virginia.  This was a VERY interesting road for the bus but it killed it.  We found ourselves a spot to sleep for the night and will be slowly heading South through Roanoke, towards North Carolina.  Thanks for reading.

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Seneca Rocks, WV

The bus from the summit

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  1. Sounds like fun guys, keep posting love following your adventures. I gave up on my coffee press for a large stainless steel espresso maker. Love it and the coffee tastes better, have fun!

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