The Plan

The Bus

In early October we became the proud owners of Hermelda, our short bus!  We are converting it into an adventure machine filling it with beds, room for cooking and storage for all of our climbing, skiing and biking gear for the 6 month trip. For more on the bus, check out Hermelda's Bus Log.

The Trip

6 months rock climbing, mountain biking and skiing across North America!  We have plenty of great spots to visit along the way.  We are most excited to have friends join us on the bus and host us in awesome places along the way.

Sharing our Story

Along the way we plan to share our adventures through writing, photography and social media.  Our main way to share will be this website but stay tuned for our social media pages.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page to see new blog posts as well as cool photos and videos that we think are pretty sweet from other adventurers.
Check out our Instagram to see what we are up to! We will be posting here often.
Check back on our website often! We will blog about our travels, share photos, videos and more. Keep in touch!

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